KDSPY 5 Review: How to Spy on Your Amazon Competition

KDSPY Review

KDSPY (currently at version 5) is a unique browser plugin that analyzes bestselling Amazon books. You can use this analysis to your advantage, by measuring the competition in every category. This can help you decide what your next book should include in order to make profit.

In this article, I will provide a thorough KDSPY review, mentioning all benefits and free bonuses that come with the application.

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Quick KDSPY 5.0 Review


KDSPY is a browser plugin that aggregates the data about Amazon books. It analyzes the bestsellers, the competition and the most selling keywords. Authors can base their publishing strategies on this highly important information. With just a couple of clicks, you get a clear picture which categories are less competitive and what needs to be done to appear in those categories’ top 20 books.

Features and Bonuses



Why Do You Need KDSPY?

The world of Amazon books is a difficult area to navigate. You can have an idea for the most interesting and helpful book (non-fiction or fiction), but the sales might be almost non-existing. Without any prior knowledge, you could be stepping into a hugely competitive category, and all your writing efforts were in vain.

Luckily, this is where the KDSPY plugin comes to your rescue. It pulls the results from any Amazon page, be it a category, author page or a single book, and gives you a lot of valuable information. For instance, you can learn:

  • How many daily sales do you need to make in order to reach places #1 to #20 in any Amazon category?
  • What is the level of competition in any category?
  • What keywords are most frequently used among the bestselling books?
  • How does any book perform over the course of time?
  • How do your competitors and other authors perform?
  • How tough is the competition for any keyword?

All of this is available to you with a single mouse click. Let’s go into details on these and other features offered by KDSPY.

KDSPY Features

Browser Plugin

KDSPY is not a separate software that you need to install. It’s a browser plugin that works well with Firefox and Chrome. It instantly integrates with the browser of your choice.

Whenever you’re browsing Amazon’s website and visit book categories, you simply click on KDSPY’s icon. The plugin then displays a wide range of much needed information, as shown in the next chapters.

Category Analysis

Clicking on KDSPY while visiting any book category gives you an excellent analysis of sales and of your chances to succeed here. The plugin displays such information:

  • List of bestselling books ordered by their sales
  • The number of each book’s pages
  • Price
  • Total monthly sales and revenue
  • Number of reviews
  • Sales rank
  • Overall levels of popularity, potential and competition in this category. Green light suggests a level that you can handle.

The results can also be split into Kindle and physical books.

Here is a screenshot of this display:


Sales Required to Become a Bestseller

By hovering over the info icon in the top left corner, you can observe another valuable information. KDSPY discloses to you just how many sales you need to make in 24 hours to reach places #1 and #20.

Here is a screenshot of this analysis:


Word Cloud

With another single click, you can reveal what keywords are often used among the current category’s bestsellers. Using the top five words can greatly improve your chances of getting noticed and getting sold.

Here is a screenshot of a word cloud’s example:


Tracking Book’s Performance

While observing a specific book, you can click KDSPY to start tracking this book’s sales over the time. KDSPY reports the sales in all possible versions:

  • Kindle
  • Hardcover
  • Paperback

Knowing how a bestseller performs over a course of 30 days is not something that can be easily obtained from Amazon, but KDSPY 5 does it for you with great accuracy.

Here is a screenshot of this feature:


Spying on Other Authors

This exclusive feature lets you observe every book published by your competitor and the level of their success. While visiting their author page, click on KDSPY and observe such insightful information as:

  • Monthly sales and revenue for every book they’ve published
  • Number of reviews
  • Sales rank
  • Author’s average sales rank, revenue and number of reviews
  • Author’s word cloud

Again, the results here can be split into Kindle and physical books.

Here is a screenshot of how spying on your competition works:


Researching Keywords

Click the Keyword tab brings up a search field. Type any word, and you get Amazon’s suggestions for it. For every keyword suggestion, you can also see:

  • Number of competitors
  • Average monthly revenue, with an option to see a more detailed analysis
  • Level of competition
  • Option to analyze, which delivers a full analysis of this keyword

Here is a screenshot of a keyword research:


The keyword’s full analysis is partially similar to category and author analysis. You get:

  • List of books
  • Number of pages
  • Price
  • Total monthly sales and revenue
  • Number of reviews
  • Sales rank
  • A link to word cloud

Here is a screenshot of how this will look on your screen:


Additional KDSPY Features

  • KDSPY 5 can pull data from many Amazon’s country-specific sites, such as USA, Canada, UK, Australia, Italy, Germany, France, Spain, Japan, Brazil, India and Mexico.
  • KDSPY works on both PC and Mac.
  • Any data that you see, such as sales, tracking, keyword research and word cloud, can be easily exported.
  • It comes with a dual license, which means that you can install it on 2 different devices.
  • KDSPY serves both fiction and non-fiction authors, and receives positive reviews from both groups.

KDSPY’s Free Bonuses

Besides the useful features, KDSPY comes with these free bonuses:

  • The book publishing cheatsheets (they usually cost $141)
  • A free course that teaches how to create an author’s website (usually costs $197)
  • A spreadsheet that tracks your book’s ROI (usually costs $27)

So basically, you get a $365 worth of extremely helpful material and tools, without any additional charge.

KDSPY Pricing

At the moment of writing this review, KDSPY’s price is only one time payment of $59 instead of $97.

However, I suggest that you click here to see the latest and most updated price.

The price includes unlimited upgrades. In fact, since 2014 this software has over 300 upgrades, and the customers did not pay for a single one of them!

Moreover, sometimes there are limited-time offers that can give you up to 50% discount. Check for discount codes here.

If you are somehow dissatisfied with the purchase, no matter the reason, you have a 60 days period to ask for a refund. The creators of KDSPY offer 100% money back guarantee, no questions asked.

Final Verdict

KDSPY is a tool that can assist both new and veteran writers. Often you start working on a book in a complete darkness, unaware which keywords to use in the title and what topics can drive you the biggest volume of sales.

Thankfully, KDSPY eliminates all uncertainties. With its help, you can know exactly what sells in every Amazon category, how the bestselling authors are succeeding and how any book performs on a daily basis.

This smart plugin has received tons of positive feedback, including from writers featured on NY Times and USA Today bestselling lists. Over 30,000 authors use it to their advantage – and now it’s your turn.


Alex Rejba

Alex is a software reviewer and developer, with decades of experience in programming and software quality testing.

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