Top 5 VPN Services in 2022

The Internet is considered being a free and open space. But is it always the case? A lot of its content is geo-restricted and limited to certain countries. Which is why you should use a Virtual Private Network (VPN) to access the Internet. VPN grants you anonymity and lets you access previously inaccessible content.

Let’s take an honest look at the best VPN services today.

[Last update: February 2022]

VPN Service Features Rating More Details
  • NordVPN is world’s leading VPN service
  • Provides ultra-fast VPN with a single click
  • Network of 5200+ global servers in almost every country
  • Can be used on PC, Mac, any smartphone, tablet, Xbox, Playstation, Kindle Fire
  • Your privacy is guaranteed with unbreakable AES 256-bit encryption
  • SmartPlay feature ensures uninterrupted streaming and bypasses ISP throttling
  • Kill Switch feature disables Internet connection when you are not connected to VPN
  • Split Tunneling feature lets you select which apps need the VPN connection
  • NordVPN Birthday offer: 70% off + free gift
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  • ZenMate VPN guarantees online anonymity – your real IP address is never revealed
  • Your activity is never logged and never sold to third parties
  • Your traffic is fully encrypted with AES-256-CBC, a military-grade cipher
  • High-speed servers in over 80 countries
  • ZenMate’s streaming servers provide uninterrupted viewing of Amazon Prime, Hulu, Netflix, HBO Go, YouTube, live sporting events, and many other services
  • The VPN Kill Switch guarantees that you are only connected via VPN
  • 85% discount on 3-year plan
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  • VyprVPN provides over 700 servers and 300,000 IPs from 60+ countries
  • Every server is fine-tuned to provide the fastest traffic and the best streaming experience
  • In case of server overload, you are switched to the next available server, without any drop in speed or quality
  • Kill Switch effectively disables any connection if it doesn’t run through VyprVPN
  • Strict no-logging policy that ensure absolute privacy
  • VyprVPN protects you from unknown Wi-Fi networks run by hackers
  • 86% discount on 3-year plan
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  • Ivacy VPN is packed with features that guarantee your online safety and anonymity
  • 3500+ high-speed VPN servers in over 100 locations
  • Your IP is masked and hidden from any hackers and data-miners
  • Ivacy does not log anything that you do and see on the Internet
  • You can choose the connection protocol: KEV, L2TP, UDP, or TCP
  • Purpose Selection feature helps you improve your online experience and increase speed
  • Split Tunneling feature lets you choose which apps use the VPN and which ones use your regular Internet
  • Can be used on 10 different devices from the same account
  • Free bonus with 2-year plan
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  • MacKeeper combines 11 essential Mac tools: VPN, antivirus, ad blocker, cleaner, update tracker, ID theft guard, smart uninstaller, and a few others
  • MacKeeper VPN Private Connect secures your Internet connection with an anonymous IP
  • Connect to hundreds of ultra-fast servers in 50 locations around the world
  • Your data will be encrypted using a military-grade encryption (AES-256-CBC)
  • You can set MacKeeper to connect to VPN automatically at the startup
  • MacKeeper’s additional tools add more layers of security to your Mac
  • Download for free
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Why Do You Need a VPN Software?

Today it’s impossible to imagine life without the Internet. We use it for work, fun, and social interaction. However, there are two major issues with the Internet.

First, security. Your privacy is not always safe when you’re online. Your data and browsing habits are being sold and re-sold constantly. That’s why you are being targeted with ads that so perfectly match your preferences. But it’s not just the ads. Hackers are just waiting for every opportunity to steal your vulnerable information, and sometimes your identity.

In addition, the Internet is not as free as it seems. For political and ideological reasons, some countries block certain websites to prevent their citizens from accessing important knowledge. But even if you live in a free country, there is still so much geo-restricted content. There are numerous streaming services and live events that you simply won’t be able to watch. Thankfully, a VPN bypasses these issues. There are networks of global servers that provide you with access to literally every platform, site, and service in existence. No longer you are going to be limited by your country’s restriction. More than that, your Internet connection will be protected and encrypted, with no one ever tracking and logging what you do online.

How to Choose a VPN Software?

There are several essential features that a VPN software must have in order to be considered one of the best VPN services in the world.

  • Global servers: The VPN service of your choice must have multiple servers in many countries. This is the only way to bypass any geographical restriction. One of the countries should be USA, because this is where world’s biggest streaming services are located.
  • Speed: The servers should be extremely fast and able to deal with the load of multiple connections without lowering anyone’s speed.
  • Privacy: Your online presence should remain hidden and protected. A good VPN service will provide you with an anonymous IP and never track or log your activity.
  • Encryption: Your VPN connection should be encrypted with one of the best encryption algorithms in in the world, making it impossible for anyone to crack your data.
  • Kill switch: A useful feature that your VPN provider should have. As explained earlier, we sometimes forget to connect via a VPN, making us vulnerable. A kill switch disconnects your Internet if it’s not protected by a Virtual Private Network.
  • Multiple devices: A good VPN provider knows that you might have several devices that you need to protect – your computer, smartphone, tablet, and so on. For example, Ivacy VPN lets you use up to 10 devices from the same account at the same time.

Optional Features in VPN apps

Some VPN services go an extra mile and add more features, making their service even more valuable.

  • Split tunneling: VPN services, such as NordVPN and Ivacy VPN, let you choose which apps should run through their VPN connection and which ones can use the connection provided by your local ISP. With split tunneling, you have much more control over your Internet connection.
  • Additional tools: Some VPN apps are bundled with additional security tools. Mackeeper also has an ad blocker, cleaner, antivirus, ID theft guard, and more, making your Mac as safe as possible.
  • Adjusted for streaming: Streaming is one of the leading reasons to use VPN, as long as it can be enjoyed without any interruptions. ZenMate VPN has fast streaming servers, which enhance your viewing experience.
  • Wi-Fi protection: There are Wi-Fi networks designed to steal your data. There are also hackers who mimic Wi-Fi networks to make people connect to them. The VyprVPN app prevents you from automatically logging in to such networks by connecting you to the protected VPN instead.